What mobile data speed do I need?

Why pay more than you should for the actual data speed that you use? Our mobile data plans are truly unlimited so there are no data caps, you’ll never get throttled, or have to top up mid month. All you need to do is choose the speed you need.

Why is my mobile internet so slow?

Have you ever been browsing happily while out and about, and then suddenly everything stops loading properly and slows to a crawl?
Many mobile networks offer ‘endless’ data plans that imply you’ll never run out, when in reality your speed is slowed down considerably once you exceed a certain amount of usage in your plan.
Some providers even offer plans that force you to watch the clock to allow unlimited data usage within a certain time limit. That’s the last thing you want if you’re trying to finish the season finale of your favourite show, or keep up with all your social accounts when you’re out and about.
Our plans are truly unlimited, so you can rely on having the same data speed no matter what day of the billing cycle it is, depending on your location and network coverage.

Which plan is right for me?

With four plans to choose from, you can be rest assured that you’re only paying for what you need, and no more. Choose the speed you need and never worry about running out of data.
For those who are usually linked to wifi at home, school or the office, at only $25 per month our unlimited data Starter plan at 2Mbps is a cost effective way to ensure you always have reasonable speed and data access when you’re out and about. Use social media and watch videos in 480p (Standard Definition), listen to music, browse the web and do 1-to-1 video calls in SD, with 10GB of Hotspot data thrown in. And as with all our plans, you get unlimited calls and texts to mobile numbers in NZ and Australia.
Our OG plan, it’s nestled nicely in between the basic speed of Starter, and our souped up signature plan, Plus. You get 10Mbps for just $35 per month, for those who need a bit more juice than 2Mbps, but aren’t quite ready to spend the $10 a month more to get Plus. You’ll have enough speed to scroll your socials smoothly and watch videos in HD.

Did you know that the Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report published by the Commerce Commission found that the average download speed across the three mobile network providers in New Zealand was 38 Mbps?

Our unlimited data 40 Mbps $45 per month Plus plan lets you watch 4K UltraHD videos on social media and your favourite streaming services, listen to high fidelity music, browse websites without lag, do Ultra HD video calls, and even play single or multiplayer games in HD. It even comes with 20GB of Hotspot data. No more paying for vanity speeds you’re not using anyway.
For those who want to always be getting the most out of their 5G device and 5G network where available, our unlimited data $70 per month maximum speed plan is the way to go. With comparable competitor plans up to $30 per month more, you know you’re getting the best of the best with Rocket Max. Includes up to 40GB of Hotspot data.

Get More for Less

With our unlimited mobile data plans, you can be confident that you’ll never run out of data, and you’re not overpaying for speed because you’re not in an area with 5G coverage, or have a 5G compatible phone.
No more data hoarding, or trying to work out which provider has the best deal depending on the number of people on your plan, or which subscription services you want as an add on. Rocket Mobile lets you keep more money in your pocket, so you can decide how to spend it.
Data set to a max download speed as per your month to month plan. Hotspot and acceptable use policies and T&C’s apply.