Welcome to Rocket Mobile.

We’ll fuel your life

We’re here to get you going fast and provide everyday affordable connectivity to match the way you want stay connected.

Who are we?

We’ve been helping Kiwis keep connected since 2014. Originally launched as a broadband internet provider, Rocket Mobile introduced New Zealand to fully unlimited, choose the speed you need mobile data plans in 2022.

In mid-2023 we ended our broadband internet offerings in New Zealand. Today we’re known as Rocket Mobile here in Aotearoa, and our head office is located in Singapore.

The Values that Propel Us

At Rocket Mobile we are driven by our values. Like a compass, our values guide us in our journey to success. Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for, how we act, and our aspiration of what we want to become.

Meet our leadership team

Our experienced and passionate board and executive leadership team are united by our mission to transform the lives of customers and create a connected world through the radical transformation of digital services.

Working with us


You are unique. You perform best when you bring your true self to work. We understand that.
That’s why we nurture a workplace where every Rocketeer can be their whole self while doing work they are proud of. Differences? They make us stronger. Diversity? It makes us richer.

We trust and empower you to manage your work style so you can balance your work and life outside of work through flexible work options, wellbeing days and work-from-anywhere benefits. At Rocket Mobile, you’ll experience your very own, unique kind of balance and belonging.

Don’t just fit in, belong.


Imagine a workplace that is constantly pushing the boundaries.

At Rocket Mobile, we are endlessly curious about the future of connectivity, the next opportunity to disrupt, and innovations that will make a real difference. We never settle.

Now imagine a career that is shaped by this velocity.

That is what you will experience at Rocket Mobile – limitless opportunities to unleash your potential, the flexibility to shape a career as unique as you are, learning opportunities for continuous growth, and colleagues who care and support you as you thrive.

Don’t just grow, thrive.


The world is flat. You read that right.

At Rocket Mobile, we strive to nurture a flat world without bureaucracy, hierarchies, and forces that slow you down. The result? An empowering environment that gives you the space to maximise your value and leave an impact from day one. But that’s not all. The impact you make will go beyond the workplace.

At Rocket Mobile, we touch the lives of thousands of people as we reimagine the future of connectivity and digital experiences. And you can play a significant part in that.

At Rocket Mobile, you are set up to make a lasting impact – at work and in life – every day.

Don’t just achieve, make an impact.

Join us and explore your potential now.​

Love where you work

What this looks like in our day-to-day experience

“We dream big. We are constantly curious and embrace bold ideas. We challenge and take smart risks.“

What this looks like in our day-to-day experience

“We create together, we win together, we fail together, we learn together, we celebrate together. We are at our strongest together.“

What this looks like in our day-to-day experience

“We deliver on our commitments. We are empowered to move fast and with confidence to get the right things done.“

What this looks like in our day-to-day experience

“We care for one another. We value authenticity and difference. We create the space to connect, recharge and explore to bring our best selves to work. “