eSIM: Connect in
minutes, not days.

Available now on eSIM compatible devices*

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Now you can connect to an unlimited mobile data plan in minutes, instead of waiting days for a physical SIM to be delivered to you. Whether you’ve just arrived in NZ and want to get connected instantly, or you want the freedom to switch between numbers without fiddling with a physical chip, eSIM makes it easy. 

*You must be in NZ to activate your Rocket Mobile eSIM

Why eSIM

Connect Faster

Don’t wait days for the courier to deliver a physical SIM. Buy a plan, activate your eSIM, and voilà! You’re on an unlimited data plan: all in less time than it takes to make a cuppa.

Switch Number Easily

Work and play, travel and home. Store an eSIM for every occasion, and switch between numbers with ease. No need to hunt around for a tiny pointy thing to pop out your phone’s SIM tray.

Eco Friendly

Plastic SIM cards are so passé. 
So is transporting a physical SIM in a fossil-fuel powered vehicle – not exactly climate friendly. Pick eSIM, and the planet will thank you.

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