Rocket Starter

Unlimited data on a shoestring budget. Our Starter plan is perfect for essential data connectivity, with unlimited data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, and unlimited calls and SMS to NZ/Australia. 

Includes 10GB of Hotspot data. Perfect for first phones, or light data users who usually have good WiFi access. Starter gives you peace of mind so you know you’ll never run out of data without breaking the bank.

With unlimited calls and SMS to NZ/Australia, you’ll always be connected to friends and whānau. What’s more, the 2Mbps speed is enough to use Whatsapp, Messenger or any other messaging app all day, without worrying about running out of data.
At the bus stop wondering where your ride is, or got lost trying to find a cool new cafe? Always have access to your maps/navigation map when you’re out and about.
Listen to your favourite artist or podcast all day with no compromise in sound quality. Starter’s speed is more than enough to deliver high quality music streaming, without worries around using up a monthly data allocation.

Starter gives you basic connection on all your social media platforms, especially for scrolling static posts and videos with a little load time. But if you really want to go hard on videos, check out our Plus plan which eliminates load time for only a bit more per month.

Need more speed? Propel your plan from average to awesome by upgrading to our Plus plan.