Upfront Mobile Explained

You might have spotted the phrase ‘upfront mobile’ on our website. What does it mean, and what are the benefits of going upfront?

Isn’t it just prepay?

We don’t call it prepay because we think that’s confusing. When prepay was originally launched, plans generally weren’t week to week or month to month, as long as you had credit you were fine, and once you ran out, you’d top up.


Upfront mobile means bills can only be paid by credit or debit card. While this means no more paying by bank transfer or direct debit, this is in line with many other services such as music and movie subscriptions. Of course, providers often pass on ‘convenience fees’ of around 2 percent when customers pay by card, but rest assured we won’t do that.

No more credit checks

We’ve listened to feedback from customers, on social media, and our live chat team. Credit checks are a major barrier to getting Kiwis connected to their perfect mobile plan.
We’ve removed this pain by allowing upfront payment using credit or debit cards. So whether you’ve just landed in NZ, or have been here a while – it’s now easier than ever to unlock unlimited mobile.

No more extra charges

Have you ever got your bill and wondered why it cost a tiny bit more than you expected? Maybe you accidentally sent an MMS and didn’t realise they cost 51c each. With upfront mobile, what you see is exactly what you pay. And if you do want any add-ons, you’ll pay upfront so there are no unexpected end of month surprises.
We’ll throw in 10 free MMS per month if you really need, though the smart thing to do is to send photos/videos with your unlimited data via Whatsapp/Messenger/iMessage etc.
There you go, we’ve laid it all out so you can see we have nothing to hide when it comes to charges. Go upfront with us today to take full control of your mobile plan.