Here’s a quick primer on the mobile provider scene in New Zealand, what an MVNO or MNO is, and what’s the advantage of going with an MVNO (like us!)  

Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

New Zealand has three mobile network operators, One NZ, Spark (including Skinny, a division of Spark) and 2degrees. We are powered by One NZ’s award winning network, so you can be rest assured you’re well covered for coverage.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

That’s us. MVNOs partner with an MNO, typically the wholesale arm, to resell services on that network.
While there are an increasing number of MVNOs popping up in the country, we were the first to launch an unlimited mobile data plan, and our Starter plan was the cheapest unlimited mobile data plan in NZ at the time of its launch.

Why go with an MVNO?

Because an MVNO doesn’t have to maintain the infrastructure that an MNO does (e.g. cell towers), we generally have lower costs and can pass the savings onto customers. Most are also online-only, avoiding the costs of maintaining brick and mortar shop fronts, retail staff, and a huge head office.

Bigger isn’t always better

Most MVNOs are tiny compared to MNOs in terms of customer base and staffing. This also means we can be more agile and move quickly to change our plans and prices to meet the market in order to stay competitive.

Why not just go direct?

Some people wonder, if we just use the One NZ network, why not use them directly as the mobile provider? Why go through a middleman?
Usually a middleman means higher prices, but in the case of MVNOs, it’s the opposite. MVNOs have lower overheads and therefore can resell mobile plans at lower prices to the end user. If you’re still confused, just compare the prices between MVNOs and MNOs and you’ll soon see the difference.