How many GBs do I need on my mobile data plan?

Who cares, when all our plans give you unlimited data?
Seriously though, it’s hard to compare plans between providers when some have a certain GB of data allowance before it either cuts you off or slows you down to an unusable speed.
We thought it might help to use some examples that highlight how much data gets used up when you do certain things, so you can make sure you have the right plan for your needs.

250MB plans

Generally speaking, the cheapest plans you can get cost around $10 per month, but that only gives you 250MB of data.
That equals about 3 hours of standard definition video, or 50 songs, or 3 hours of web browsing. Across an entire month! The average Kiwi spends 3 hours a day on their phone, so you do the maths.
In this Canstar Blue article, even a ‘light’ user is defined as using 1-10GB per month. That means by the time you blow through that 250MB in probably one day, you’ll have to pay extra to top up if you want to use mobile data.

1-1.5GB plans

Next up are the plans that hover around the $20 per month to give you 1GB to 1.5GB of data per month. Keep in mind some of these are billed every 28 days, and don’t even include unlimited calls to out of network numbers.
This is the minimum amount of data recommended for almost everyone. 1GB is enough for 200 songs, 2 hours of SD video, and 30 mins of HD video.
To put those plans in perspective, our Starter plan only costs $25 per month and gives you fully unlimited data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, so you know you’ll never run out. Of course, it’s not the right speed for everyone, but it’s our cheapest plan, and designed for essential connectivity for things like music, maps and chat apps.

3GB plans

At around the $30-50 mark are the 3GB+ plans, and we start to see ‘endless’ data plans. 3GB is still only 1.5 hours of HD video. Or, if you end up with an ‘endless’ data plan, you’ll be slowed to an unusable speed after you reach a certain GB allowance.
magine you’re stuck somewhere with no wifi, but you’re using your mobile to stream the big game live. There’s only a few minutes left, your team gets the ball, they’re about to score, and then- BAM! It’s the buffering wheel of death. You exceeded your data limit and you’re now being slowed to an agonisingly slow 1.2Mbps. The match might not be over, but your viewing of it certainly is.
Why not fully unlock the power of unlimited mobile data with our Plus plan, which gives you fully unlimited data for only $45 per month?

Higher GB and max speed plans

At the top end of the plan scale, we see some pretty ludicrous pricing for plans that are still relatively limited. When you’re paying $70+ per month for a phone plan, the last thing you want to worry about is exceeding your usage limit.
Our max plan gives you maximum network speeds with no limits at all on speed, all for only $70 per month. We think that’s pretty ace.
In summary, the question you should ask yourself is not ‘How many GBs do I need?’ but ‘How fast do I want to go?’ Free yourself from the shackles of keeping track of your data usage and just go fully unlimited at the speed you need.