eSIM Explained

eSIM has landed at Rocket Mobile. Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell.

What is eSIM?

eSIM is short for ‘embedded SIM’. Instead of a physical SIM that you get delivered, and put into your phone’s SIM slot, an eSIM is entirely virtual, and gets loaded into your phone digitally.

Why should I get eSIM?

When you sign up for a physical SIM, it can take a few days to get delivered to your address. With an eSIM, you can decide on your plan, purchase and enjoy your unlimited data plan in a matter of minutes.
eSIM makes it super easy to connect, because you don’t have to go into a physical store, or show a photo ID for a credit check to activate. Just follow the prompts on your device and you’ll be good to go.
Like all Rocket Mobile plans, you can bring your existing number with you. An eSIM lets you easily switch between numbers, e.g. if you have separate work and personal numbers.

What makes eSIM eco-friendly?

No more plastic SIM cards, and lower carbon footprint thanks to no more physical deliveries to your door. It’s clear that eSIM is the more environmentally friendly option.

Is my device eSIM compatible?

Most phones released since 2020 are eSIM compatible. If you’re not sure, go to your phone’s mobile settings and look for ‘SIM manager’ or an option to add an eSIM. You can also check with your manufacturer, or try googling your phone model and ‘eSIM’.

How do I get eSIM working on my phone?

All you need to do is pick ‘eSIM’ when buying your plan, and scan the QR code with the device you’d like the eSIM installed on.
You can either take a photo of the QR code while it’s displayed on another device (e.g. a computer), or take a screenshot of the QR code on your phone, then use your gallery app to open the image and follow the link in the code.
Make sure you have wifi or a data connection to download the eSIM.
Once it’s installed, activation is as easy as if you’re using a physical SIM. Just click the link in the SMS you’re sent, and follow the instructions to sign in, and confirm your plan. You can transfer your existing number, or get a new one from us.
For more detailed instructions, check out our handy video about eSIM, and our help page.