Rocket Mobile Launches eSIM in NZ

eSIM is now available on Rocket Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using One NZ’s network.
Rocket Mobile NZ’s Head of Product and Marketing, James Whittome, says it’s a game changer for Kiwis who want instant access to NZ’s best value mobile plans (NZ Compare Awards 2023).
“Since we launched Rocket Mobile in November last year, heaps of Kiwis have hopped on board our unlimited mobile data plans. eSIM will fuel our growth even further, making it even easier to ditch data caps, and overpriced plans that restrict your usage.”
eSIM stands for ‘embedded SIM card’, which allows customers to buy and activate a mobile plan within minutes. This removes the need to wait days for a physical SIM to be delivered, or visit a retail store. They can choose a new number or transfer their existing one.
“We already took away the barriers of credit checks and having to provide photo ID. Along with no long contracts, no sneaky stuff like voicemail fees and card payment surcharges, and no 28 day billing which means paying your bill 13 times a year, we’re showing New Zealand that mobile plans don’t have to be a rip off.”
“With eSIM, Kiwis can instantly switch to a plan that gives them more for less. If you’re on the road and about to run out of data, instead of being forced to pay extra for a data add-on, you can instantly switch to a Rocket Mobile plan on eSIM, and never have to worry about data limits again.”
With surging numbers of new arrivals into the country, eSIM is perfect for those who want to easily connect to a local network provider without delay.
“Land at the airport, buy, activate a Rocket Mobile eSIM, and get an unlimited data plan on a local network – all before your bags are out at the luggage carousel. Anyone can enjoy instant connectivity at an affordable price, without ever having to set foot in a store.”
There are also benefits for those wanting the convenience of being able to switch between different phone numbers using the same device, such as a work and personal number.
An eSIM compatible phone is required for the feature, and the majority of recently released smartphones are likely to be eSIM compatible. Customers can see if their device can accept an eSIM by checking with their manufacturer.
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