To see if there is a planned or unplanned outage in your area, please enter your address into the map below.
We’ve partnered with One NZ to deliver mobile services, and they maintain the mobile network used by Rocket Mobile.
Outages can occur for two reasons. Firstly, planned outages allow essential upgrades to the networks, to provide better connectivity long term. One NZ will try to provide advance warning wherever possible, and sometimes these upgrades may take a couple of hours or cause intermittent loss of services for a couple of days. If you have a medical condition that increases your need to call 111, or you work from home, you might want to consider alternative connectivity options or move elsewhere during this time.
Unplanned outages, on the other hand, occur when something unexpectedly goes wrong and disrupts service. This could be due to a power cut at a cell site, earthworks/construction work that damages a fibre cable, or a technical fault that our engineers need to fix. One NZ have people working 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure that we keep connectivity going for you. When these outages happen, One NZ will react immediately to fix the issue as soon as possible.