Rocket Super Starter

Get the best of both worlds. For just $35 per month, get a souped up Starter plan that gives you a turbo boosted 5GB of max speed data, and then unlimited data at the usual Starter cruising speed of 2Mbps.

Like all our plans, it’s eSIM ready and includes unlimited calls and SMS to NZ & Australia.

Rocket Super Starter

Endless Data

eSIM Ready

5G Ready

No Contract

WiFi Calling

Hotspot data*

You’ve unlocked a special plan only available to existing Rocket Mobile customers!
To get it, simply login to your MyAccount or app, and type the words ‘Super Starter‘ into Live Chat.

Super Starter



Super Starter



Why Rocket Super Starter

Boost then cruise

Boost, Then Cruise

Enjoy max speed data for much less than Rocket Max, but with the assurance that you’ll always have mobile data, even at a slower speed. It’s like a nitrous boost for your plan at the start of every billing month.
Extra endlesser

Extra Endless(er)

‘Endless’ data plans on other providers slow you down to an unusable 1.2Mbps when you reach your data limit. At 2Mbps, our slowed speeds are sure and steady.
Do the maths

Do The Maths

Our Endless(er) reduced speed at 2Mbps works out to over 60% faster than most other Endless data plans. This means a better music streaming, social scrolling and sharing experience, even at reduced speeds.

Super Starter T&Cs

After your 5GB max speed data allocation is exhausted, speeds will reduce to a maximum of 2Mbps. Rocket Mobile plans are for personal mobile use only and does not include premium services, calls or text to international countries excluding Australia. For a daily fee, per device, you can use your mobile plan inclusions and rates in Daily Roaming destinations. Our fair use policy applies to your use of any service. Actual speeds you reach will continually vary depending on many factors such as device capabilities, location, network congestion and network coverage. For more information, check out our general terms and conditions.

*Hotspot data is capped at 20GB after which Fair Use applies. Your hotspot speed will reduce to 2Mbps after your plan’s max speed allocation is exhausted. Your Hotspot experience will be subject to the proximity of your Hotspot device, your device’s Hotspot capability and the network congestion in your area.

For more information, check out our Rocket Super Starter terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket Mobile Overview

Your Rocket Mobile plan is bundled with value including unlimited data at the speed you need, plus unlimited talk and text to NZ and Aus. There are also optional extras based on how you want to connect which are outlined here:
What is it How much Do I have any other options
Voicemail Calls to voicemail are FREE Go for gold. And with unlimited talk and text on our plans, you can carry on connecting without worry.
MMS PXT 10 free MMS/PXT per month to NZ mobiles then no more can be sent. If you are a serial PXTer you are better to send your messages via a messaging app like WhatsApp or Messenger instead, using your unlimited data.
International calls Get our International Add-On for just $10, and you can get 250 minutes to call 20 destinations. Use a web-based app like Whatsapp or Messenger with your unlimited data plan.
International roaming For just $8 a day you can use your NZ non-stop data, minutes and TXT in our Daily Roaming destinations. For other destinations, you will be charged per minute or per TXT at rates specific to that location. Our $8 roaming is a pretty choice option. As for the casual rates to other destinations - you could make the call through your favourite app using your unlimited data instead.
Premium rate numbers Calls/SMSes to premium rate numbers (e.g. reply "yes" messages that are subject to additional charges) aren't available. To maintain our everyday low prices and remove bill surprises our plans don’t allow premium calls. That might mean for example that you need to call your dentist to confirm that appointment instead of replying by SMS

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Unlimited talk and TXTs are for standard person-to-person calls to standard NZ and Aus numbers.
  • Your Rocket Mobile mobile plan is for personal mobile use only.
  • For all out of bundle charges:
  • ● If you’re a Pay Monthly customer (joined before we rebranded), click here
  • ● If you’re a Pay Upfront customer (joined as Rocket Mobile), click here